Work for Inclusion, LTTA, Greece

Learning, Teaching, Training Activity

25-29th of September, Thessaloniki, Greece

During the program, the participants will visit the Greek Association for Down Syndrome and observe how people with Down syndrome effectively work and achieve their goal of being active in the job market.

The young participants will complete a quality questionnaire on the mobility experience and what they have learned. Once all participants have completed the questionnaire, an online meeting will be organized as a space for discussion and reflection on the lived experience.

Expected results after the activity:

  • Participants will exchange and acquire new knowledge, methods, and skills related to the project’s themes.
  • Participants will have a first-hand experience of local realities that strive for inclusive work environments (thanks to activities organized by local organizations: Greek Association for Down Syndrome and Merimna Paidiou Katerinis).
  • Participants will receive training on the Greek reality and the support provided to disabled workers in this country.
  • On-field learning will maximize the impact of learning, contributing to individual empowerment.



The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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