About Us


Our Story

Social HUB is an NGO founded and registered at the beginning of 2018 by three young enthusiasts that decided to unite under common vision and goals. Social HUB is youth workers, mentors, volunteers and friends that have a common interest in sharing their personal and professional experience in the areas like outdoor activities, sport, arts, and sustainability to encourage and promote social inclusion through non-formal education. We promote collaboration between non-profit organizations active in the field of culture, outdoor activities, sports and social inclusion, developing a community of young active people that share lifechanging stories.


Our Vision

is to contribute to the development of society, promote, disseminate and apply through non-formal education, sport, arts, and outdoor activities values like equality, freedom, tolerance, inclusion, and care.


Organizing sports events, seminars, debates in order to satisfy the people expectations, both national and international, aimed at exposing Bulgarian sports values


Integration of people with fewer opportunities in the Bulgarian society


Encouraging volunteer activities among young people


Development and realization of projects in local, regional, national and international programs and competitions which are related to sports, art, culture, education and outdoor activities


Our Mission

Supporting young people with fewer opportunities remains one of our main priorities, but we are also focusing on activities like volunteering, international youth exchanges, training sessions, extracurricular activities, information events that have a great contribution to the youth people’s development. Participants improve their skills, and they are also informed about existing opportunities, which help them increase their chances of employment and become active citizens. Our purpose is to bring pleasure and excitement in doing exercise and sport among children and youngsters in order to increase healthy attitudes, athletic performances, volunteering in sports events and promote culture while doing sports. We believe that sports programs have positive benefits on people concerning their attitudes, beliefs and self-perception. Through sports everyone can learn no matter one`s status or background. In sports we all become equal. We understand the beneficial of grassroots sport is matters such as health, social inclusion, volunteering, infrastructure and skills development. That’s why we include in all our local projects outdoor sports activities that encourage the participants to get out of their comfort zone. We make sure that the intensity level of the activity is suitable for everyone – because sport is for all. Social HUB is a part of the network of organizations "Together it`s Possible" which brings together non-governmental organizations from Romania, Bulgaria and France that share methods, good practices and initiate and coordinate projects. In May 2021 the consortium released their first magazine (pdf and printed version) that reunited their example of good practices, testimonials and know-how from projects.

National and International level

To create a more inclusive society, fair and supportive, at a local, national and international level


To provide learning and growing opportunities for youngsters no matter their background, gender, race, physical characteristics

Young People

To Shape a harmonious life perspective for young people through non-formal education, and having a friendly approach to the issues of employability among young people


To contribute to the construction and development of the European identity and active citizenship